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Work: Chris White Pickups

No two guitar players are the same and neither are their personal tastes in pickups.

When Chris White Pickups started establishing their brand and promoting their products, they noticed a commonality among their competition. Not a single builder had a way to customize a guitar pickup online. Sure, you could fill out a comment field or shoot off an e-mail after the fact, but CWP saw an opportunity to make an unnecessarily complicated process simple: customize the pickup during the ordering process.

Guitar pickups are just as unique as the person playing the guitar; everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to their tone and performance. Since CWP products are built to order, it only made perfect sense to allow customers to truly personalize them as they're shopping.

Customers can choose their desired magnets, wires, and covers, select the placement, grab a complete set, or throw in pickguard. When an order is placed for a pickup to be built, the exact “recipe” is delivered to the staff for preparation, winding, tuning, and assembly.

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  • ClientChris White Pickups
  • Project DateAugust 2011