Hang On

Work: Plutonium Angel

Before social networking and the original MySpace, you were on your own.

The disjointed imagery of a fatal car accident was visualized for the disc and jewel case design for Plutonium Angel’s “Crashing on an Open Wound.”

As a small local production studio with contempt for the recording industry and a desire to initiate fans by giving away music, DAMF had 250 compact discs and jewel cases of their first album for Plutonium Angel stocked and ready to hand out. Today, this would be a quick, inexpensive, and simple online order. In 1999, this was almost an investment.

The album had the look and feel of a signed band under a major label, but were used in lieu of business cards and flyers distributed at entertainment venues to attract attendees and start a fan-base. This was before MySpace, Napster, and social networking existed; at a time not all that long ago where new music was still sought from FM radio.

  • Synapse Juice
    Synapse Juice™Graphic design never tasted so good.
  • ClientDAMF
  • Project DateFebruary 1999