Hang On

Work: Musical Fantasy

A glimpse of the past while listening to the future.

Despite the mix of jazz, pop, and electronic sounds featured in Fantasy Music’s “Musical Fantasy,” the disc and jewel case design showcased an early 1900’s Hiawatha Talking Machine Phonograph playing a Brunswick 2000 record of Mindin’ My Bus’ness (circa 1924).

Every musician can recall even the most distant memory of their favorite song, their first concert, or the inspiration that laid the foundation for their passion to create music. For Fantasy Music's Armed D. Green, some of that inspiration came from the Hiawatha Talking Machine, a family heirloom that still works today.

  • Synapse Juice
    Synapse Juice™Graphic design never tasted so good.
  • ClientFantasy Music Productions
  • Project DateMarch 2004