Hang On

Work: The Attica

The Attica. A world for the insane.

Two of the movie posters for III Pictures’ The Attica featured single shots of both the villain and the hero. The third, showing them together, questioned those roles. The photography was provided by the very talented Amos Lanka.

The film tells the story of an injured cowboy wandering the desert struggling to maintain his sanity while being stalked by a mysterious stranger.

MindSpank provided the work for these posters to not only help promote the movie, but support the starving Colorado Springs film-making community. During the screening event, which took place atop the roof of an apartment building with an endearingly rudimentary outdoor movie theater, small prints of each poster variation were signed by the cast and crew and handed out to attendees.

  • Synapse Juice
    Synapse Juice™Graphic design never tasted so good.
  • ClientIII Pictures
  • Project DateFebruary 2008