Hang On

Work: Legacy Homes of Pueblo

A custom home builder site that keeps the customer on-site at all times.

As a proud and respected custom home builder for over 25 years, Legacy Homes of Pueblo has been looking to expand their business along with the message and features of their site. Instead of drab floor plan drawing images embedded into PDF files, low-resolution photos, and poorly rendered 3D home models that seem to be the norm for their competition, Legacy Homes wanted to give their customers a much more interactive experience.

Legacy Homes of Pueblo is feature-rich with accessibility and control in mind. Photo galleries are easy to browse with the mouse wheel or swipe of the finger. Floor plans aren't simple line drawing files to download, but fully interactive, utilizing 3D-rendered imagery with a variety of customization options that give the user ideas before they break ground. More importantly, it works on both desktop and mobile platforms, all custom built and fully integrated into the site.

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