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Work: Manitou Galleries

There’s absolutely nothing more important than showing the art.

Exploring a variety of Western Art galleries revealed small thumbnails and lots of empty space to be the two main tenets of their sites. Likewise, information about the artists themselves seemed to feel like a footnote, if not an afterthought. This presented a very simple design goal as we developed the Manitou Galleries site: to not do that.

Artwork collections displayed on the Manitou Galleries site are presented in large thumbnail containers. Viewing a particular piece fills the entire browser or mobile device display from end to end, taking advantage of every pixel possible. Detailed information and options are displayed in a small caption tucked in the corner which can be hidden should it cover any part of the work. Browsing various pieces is as easy as a swipe of the finger or roll of the mouse wheel. Artists get the treatment they deserve with detailed biography pages complete with social media sharing tools, pull quotes, and a background splash. It's as rich of an experience and as close as you'll get to the gallery unless you're already inside the building.

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  • ClientManitou Galleries
  • Project DateNovember 2015