Hang On

Work: Red Seraph

Let’s just make the whole damn thing angry.

“Some might find a cultural message, others might see it political, but they’ll get the anger. Let's just make the whole damn thing angry,” said Manumental’s Daniel Weaver. The combination of punk and grunge themes in Red Seraph’s “Chapter Two” demanded the look of their album be dirty and grungy itself.

The album design made no attempt to advertise what was inside beyond that anger; you'd just have to listen to it and judge for yourself. The back of the jewel case simply instructed the soon-to-be listener to take out whatever was in their CD player and put Red Seraph’s work in its place.

  • Synapse Juice
    Synapse Juice™Graphic design never tasted so good.
  • ClientManumental
  • Project DateMay 2008