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Work: Springs Mountain Water

It’s almost easier to use than your own faucet.

It's not an easy sell to offer water delivery in an area that already has fantastic water from the tap, but Springs Mountain Water has been successfully serving loyal and satisfied customers throughout Southern Colorado with crisp purified water since 1998.

With a site that explains their products, services, pricing, and delivery schedules, less time is used on the phone addressing that information and more time serving customer needs. It’s almost easier to use than your own faucet.

Built using MindSpank’s proprietary development platform, the Springs Mountain Water site presents all of its content on a single page, easily accessible with anchor points and direct linking to any section. Incredibly lightweight and standards compliant, the responsive design makes key information, such as delivery schedules, available on mobile devices. Within one week of its launch, customer response and engagement tripled, including increased interest in coffee services.

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